Dynflow (DYNamic workFLOW) is a workflow engine written in Ruby that allows to:

  • Keep track of the progress of running processes
  • Run the code asynchronously
  • When something goes wrong, pause the process, optionally let user interact, resume the process, skip some steps when needed
  • Detect independent parts and run them concurrently
  • Compose simple actions into more complex scenarios
  • Extend the workflows from third-party libraries
  • Keep consistency between local transactional database and external services
  • Suspend the long-running steps, not blocking the thread pool
  • Cancel steps when possible
  • Extend the actions behavior with middlewares
  • Pick different adapters to provide: storage backend, transactions, or executor implementation

Dynflow has been developed to be able to support orchestration of services in the Katello and Foreman projects.

Planned features

  • Define the input/output interface between the building blocks
  • Define rollback for the workflow
  • Have multiple workers for distributing the load (in progress)
  • Migration to concurrent-ruby (in progress)

Getting started


  • Ruby MRI 1.9.3, 2.0, or 2.1.
  • JRuby and Rubinius support is on the way.


gem install dynflow


Current status

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